Stumptown (2019)

In the ABC first season episode entitled Bad Alibis, I played the owner of a chop shop, a questionable character named Petey who was a wheeler and a dealer. The scene I had with Michael Ealy was shot in a real custom car restoration shop in the San Fernando Valley.

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The Lost Interviews (2013)

IMAGINE... you were cleaning up your grandfather's attic and you stumbled across a wooden trunk and beneath a moth eaten civil war uniform was an old rusted reel of film that read "Abraham Lincoln on Slavery December 10, 1860." Hear... Lincoln in his own words... Was he a racist? Was he a martyr?

The Lost Interviews was an ambitious project created by Steve Solomon that chronicled the lives of influential world figures. The first episode, "Abraham Lincoln on Slavery", was directed by Roy Unger under the creative consultation of noted Lincoln scholar, Michael Burlingame. I had the honor of learning 13 pages of actual Lincoln text. This unaired pilot has yet to be screened before an audience.

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